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Brockhaus/Commission: Die moderne und innovative Verlagsauslieferung.
Brockhaus/Commission Publishing & Media Distributor

Being one of the oldest companies in this business gives us a traditional background that combines our long-standing experience with innovation and adaptation to the ever-changing requirements of modern day publishing. In this we count ourselves comfortably among the best and resourceful competitors in our field of expertise.

More than 165 satisfied clients make us into one of the leading companies in German Publishing. 130 employees handle the Distribution Department which includes warehousing, processing of orders, as well as billing and shipping, customer accounting, and evaluation of data.

We are a market leader in invoicing and shipping of even complex and difficult-to-handle goods all over the world.

As a Distribution House we offer the complete services of a large distributor while still maintaining great flexibility for our clients' wishes. 

Today, our warehouse already consists of 42.000 palette spaces but we also have storage capacity that can easily include future growth of our clients.

For all your needs concerning stocking, delivering, and informing we are reliable specialists and dependable partners for publishers – competent, with service our top priority:

  • flexible working procedures
  • modern equipment
  • easy access of location guaranteeing speedy dispatch and collection of shipments
  • operations and control of physical and digital distribution
    Customers / co-op. Publishers
    165 Mio. €
    Stock Turnover
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